Kamo Kiri Rice Box 500g with Mini Measure Cup and Uonuma Koshihikari Brown Rice|Natural

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〈About Our Kamo Kiri Rice Box〉
This is a unique wooden small rice box specially created by ‘Kamo Kiri Tansu’ craftsmen. It has been made of discarded pieces of the high-grade Kiri Tansu. The soft and extremely smooth surface of box shows the attention to details of highly skilled craftsmen. No coating materials or formalin adhesives are used in the products, so it is safe and ideal for keeping dry food fresh for longer. Although this has been made for rice, it is also ideal for storing coffee beans, tea leaves, short pastas and so on. You could find your own way to utilize them. Also natural plant based paint has been used for the colored lids.

〈Traditional Crafts ‘Kamo Kiri Tansu’〉
Kamo is known as the largest producer of Kiri Tansu* and it started making them over 220 years ago. * Japanese-style chest made from paulownia
Suzuki Ishitaro Tansu started their business in 1887 and became well established in producing traditionally crafted furniture in the area. Suzuki brothers are veterans who have worked there all their lives. Younger brother, Hiroaki has started making interesting artifacts from his creative ideas along with the furniture making.

Product : 8/10 hachigatsu-toka Project
Kamo Kiri Rice Box 500g with Mini Measure Cup and Uonuma Koshihikari Brown Rice
Size: Box 100W×100D×110H (mm) Measure cup 40W×40D×25H (mm)
Content of Rice box: about 500g of rice
Content of Measure cup: about 20g of rice
Material: Kiri (Japanese paulownia)
Finish: Natural

No coating materials or formalin adhesives are used on the products.
Each one is made by hand individually therefore it may differ from the pictures on the website.

Please check the precaution for ‘Kamo Kiri(Japanese paulownia)’ products.

8/10 10th August Project
Artisan : Suzuki Ishitaro Tansu

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¥5,100 tax included