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Precaution for ‘Kamo Kiri(Japanese paulownia)’ Products

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The brothers who work as the craftsmen have made our rice boxes using their skills and experiences of making ‘Kamo Kiri Tansu’.
These wonderful products keeps food dry and protect from any insects getting inside. No coating materials or formalin adhesives are used on the products, so it is safe and keeps food fresh longer.

・Keep away from direct sunlight, air conditioning or fire.
・Handle with care. The soft surface can be scratched or dented easily.
・Although paulownia can protect the contents from any insects, but if insects are already attached or eggs are laid on the food, it doesn’t work. You must avoid direct sun and keep it in a cool place. Close the lids or drawers firmly after use.

〈Care instruction〉
・Dust it off lightly with a dry soft cloth for daily care.

・Minor damage could be repaired. Ask for an estimate.

8/10 10th August Project
Artisan : Suzuki Ishitaro Tansu

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¥55 tax included