5 pieces of Uonuma Koshihikari Brown Rice

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〈About our rice〉
Uonuma Koshihikari is one of the most famous and popular rice brands in Japan. It has a distinct taste, shine, stickiness, and fluffiness when it’s cooked.
It has been planted and grown organically in tanada*.
* Rice fields on the different levels of mountain
Almost all the production was done by hand.

〈About rice farmers in Iketani - Iriyama Villages〉
The M6.8 earthquake hit the area in 2004 and destroyed the tanada.
Many people had no choice but to leave the village and give up farming in small villages of Iketani – Iriyama in the mountain.
A group of young people decided to move to those villages wanting to restart growing rice in tanada.
Since then, a few more people joined and worked with the villagers who remained in the area.
Your purchases will help and support the continuity of the village and the production of fantastic rice in the beautiful tanada.

〈 About 'Ao mai' 〉
You may find some green rice among the brown rice. They are not fully matured rice called ‘Ao mai’ (green rice). They almost become golden brown rice at harvest season. Rice grow from the top, and work its way down. When rice become almost all golden color, farmers decide to harvest the crop usually. Some rice near the end of stalk might remain green. This is the reason you may find some of the rice green color. They are nutritious and just as good taste as golden ones.

Name:Unwashed brown rice
Area of production:Uonuma, Niigata
Production year:2020
Weight:About 300g ×5 pieces
Packaged date:See a label on a product inside
Producer:NPO Chiikiokoshi
939-2 Nakajo Kanoe, Tokamachi,Niigata 949-8613
TEL & FAX (+81) 25-761-7009

〈How to Cook Brown Rice〉
1. Wash the rice in a colander few times under running water.
2. Soak the rice in water (preferably mineral water) for a couple of hours.
3. Put the soaked rice and fresh water, double the amount of rice into a pot with a pinch of salt.
4. Bring the pot to a boil first. When it comes to a boil, turn the heat down and simmer for fifty minutes.
5. Last twenty minutes, turn the heat up in order to rid of any moisture in the pot.
6. After twenty minutes, turn it off and leave it to stand for ten minutes.
And then ready to serve.

* Adds some brown rice to white rice and make it healthier.
It offers another unique taste of this rice. Adjust amount of water to your preference.
If you prefer softer rice, add more water when you cook.

8/10 10th August Project
Rice farmer:NPO Chiikiokoshi

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¥2,750 tax included